A boutique interior planning and design studio founded by a pair of talented and unique interior designers, Shlomit Cohen and Michal Dejo.
Michal and Shlomit Hod are two experienced designers who have been involved in the field of planning and interior design for many years.
Their combined expertise in designing private homes and luxury homes gives them the knowledge and professional perception required to turn any idea into a spectacular reality.


Michal and Shlomit own an import company in everything related to the field of interior design and the construction industry, so that their customers receive one holistic package for planning, design, supervision and the supply of home contents in controlled, supervised and tasteful personal imports.


A. Initial diagnostic meeting

  • A preliminary meeting for an in-depth analysis of your needs, desires and dreams.
  • Style analysis and formulation of the client’s design concept which will guide the design of the space.
  • Coordination of expectations for the continuation of the project and definition of goals.
  • Building an order of operations according to Luz is preparing for completion on the designated date
  • Preparation of a shopping/grocery list for the benefit of a budget union for which you can prepare accordingly.

B. Detailed planning for the design of your home

  • Measuring / receiving the house plan in a digital ______ file – a format for simulated planning of your house to avoid planning mistakes.
  • Building a program that includes all of the customer’s needs in favor of accurate and customized planning.
  • Deep research with the customers for the sake of breaking down and understanding all the spaces and adapting the planning and design to the built program.
  • Preliminary sketch – preparation of the basic position plan of the space.
  • Submission of up to 3 alternatives for planning.
  • Going over the 3 alternatives together to choose the best alternative for you, in terms of planning.
  • Preparation of a more accurate and detailed schedule for preparations, renovation works and shopping days.

C. Building a design concept

  • A precise design plan for the whole space – going beyond all the spaces in order to create a tight and precise design for every space whatever it is.
  • The design will be expressed in colors/textures, furniture, accessories, carpentry details and frames. All this in order to use the full potential of the space.
  • An inspiration board for each space that will help you feel and understand how each space is going to look and what atmosphere you will feel at the end of the project.

D. Accompanying the project from start to finish

  • Close accompaniment throughout the entire process, hand in hand with the various professionals
  • Help with guidance, bargains and getting quotes from trusted, professional and service professionals.
  • Branding furniture and accessories placement day
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